Are your child's emotional needs well fed?

Are your child's emotional needs well fed?

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Just as a child's body grows, so does his emotional needs. Parents spend a lot of time and money to ensure that they are (over)feeding their child but pay little or no attention to child's growing psyche; his emotional needs! They just compare their own with the child next door or someone they think is just the PERFECT child.
1. Emotional security - child is in a new world and needs the security that every thing will be fine; there are people to look after him. Hence grasping a finger when you gently stroke the palm and once mother is recognised, always looking out for her.

2. Recognition & Appreciation - As we love to get applauded for smallest accomplishment, so do kids. They are also trained to expect applaud with parents going ga-ga over the first word spoken, first step taken etc. And when he is grown - he seem be doing everything wrong. Positive reinforcement is the key! Read more

3. Discipline - Life can not be harmonious without some authority (not authoritarian), order and limitations. Discipline should be just (enough) and not suffocating, with empathy of child's environment and reasonable. Any differences between grandparents and parents should be sorted out away from the child and definitely NOT via the child.

In their own immaturity, parents create problems and thus are responsible for a large % of behavioural problems in children. Parental influence in behaviour problem in children
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